Artist Statement

Zoonoses Series

My current series, Zoonoses, takes a disturbing social issue, diseases passed from animals to humans, and adds a bit of humor to the discussion. The work is reminiscent of trophies, head and rear mounted, that can be displayed like the once prized, exotic, stuffed, and quite dusty animals of a dead era.

As diseases passed by these vicious and vile animals continue to mutate and threaten humankind is hunting them for sport, and a bit of pleasure, so far fetched?

When great herds of wild, mad cows rise up en masse to slaughter those who once slaughtered--

When geese, ducks, and other avian demons start dropping their payloads by the score on the innocent heads of our young--

When swine gather secretly in their pens under cover of night, coughing and sweating from fever, (followed by chills and mild aches) planning humankind's destruction--

Will humankind be ready for the Animal Armageddon to come?

In the end, it's either our bacon or theirs.

I for one choose their bacon!

It's not only crispier but tastier too.