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Stevie B.

- yeah, that's me :) -

My artistic career started very early in life with "showings" on the door of the basement freezer. As I advanced, I moved up to weekly "exhibitions" in the main gallery, the kitchen, with a dedicated space on the highly sought after refrigerator. Not surprisingly, my first art critic was my mom, an art teacher, who helped develop my love for experimenting with new techniques in a variety of medium.

As I grew older, perhaps I loved art a bit too much because it felt as if I changed disciplines daily. I'd spend months and months focused only on drawing (pencil, charcoal, pastel) only to find myself heavily engaged in photography (black & white film and dark room processing). Painting (acrylics, watercolor) somehow led to printmaking (block, silkscreen) that led to stained glass which in turn led to many years of creative writing (short story, novel). This mixed-up hodgepodge of medium left me with little chance of finding an artistic voice. So I put art to the side awaiting that fantastical world to appear that would give me time to explore art once more. I found a "real job" and entered the "real world."

Then, in 2002 a friend asked me if I would consider taking a jewelry class with her. My friend was very persistent, and with a bit more arm twisting than necessary, she convinced me to sign up.

There are very few times in one's existence when we can exactly pinpoint a moment that changed our lives. The birth of a child. The loss of a loved one. That first kiss. This was one of those times.

In class I blossomed. Slowly at first, then quickly, as I began to understand and truly embrace "The Process". I eventually found my artistic voice. It was there without my realization of its existence. Many voices that slowly harmonized into a chorus. A voice that came when I stopped searching, much like love often does.

I see studio jewelry as an art form in its own right and believe that work should be judged not on materials used, but by the artistry of the maker.

Today I am continuing my exploration, mostly with studio jewelry but still dabbling with many other art forms, in my studio conveniently located next to my home. A home shared with two cats and the very persuasive friend who likes to twist arms.